4 Tips for Packing for a Move

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Before your moving company arrives to load up the truck with your belongings, you must take adequate steps to pack all of your belongings. The more prepared that you are for their arrival, the faster the process will be. In addition, your own packing efforts can help you to stay organized and potentially get settled into your home more quickly. These tips can help you navigate through the packing process.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items
Over time, you can gather a considerable amount of stuff that gets pushed to the back of your cabinets or closets or that gets buried in drawers. These may be items that you no longer need or want. Rather than toss them after you move into your new home, save yourself the time and effort of packing and unpacking them. You can easily toss unwanted items away now. Alternatives are to host a garage sale or to donate items to charity.

Gather Your Moving Supplies
Before you can pack any boxes, you need to gather moving supplies. Ideally, you will have everything that you need handy. This includes a range of boxes in different sizes, packing tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and even a pen or marker to write on the boxes. You could also get storage bins. These can be permanent containers for items that may be floating around in your closets or garage. By organizing items in bins now, you can simply stack the bins on shelves or on the floor in your new home rather than have to unpack items that you may not use regularly.

Pack Non-Essentials Early
Some people wait until the last minute to start packing. After all, you may be thinking about how you would cook in your kitchen or bathe in the bathroom without essentials. However, many items in your home can be packed early without majorly inconveniencing you. For example, you can pack away board games, books, off-season items, extra pots and pans and more. As your moving day approaches, you can continue to pack items that you know that you will not need for the next few weeks or days.

Prepare an Overnight Bag
Just as you want to save the essentials to pack until the last minute, you also may want to unpack these items as soon as you arrive at your new home. These items may include towels, a change of clothes, bedding, personal hygiene items and even a few cooking items and kitchen utensils. With these items, you may be able to get by for at least a day or two until you can fully unpack your boxes and get settled in.

Packing for a move can be stressful and even chaotic if you do not have a strategy. By following these helpful tips, you can more easily prepare for moving day and enjoy a smoother transition to your new home.

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