5 Best Gifts for Military Dads

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Military dads live unique lifestyles sometimes in remote locations for extended periods, and we want them to feel connected to home no matter where they are. When gift-giving occasions arise, one of these five best gifts for military dads to enjoy at home or away may be just right for your dad.

1. T-shirts

Classic t-shirts expressing military pride or humor give Dad fun wardrobe options during off-duty hours. Clever, inspirational or humorous sayings reflecting his branch of the military will remind him of you everywhere he wears it. Popular sayings include “Air Force Dad,” and “Some people call me a Veteran. The most important ones call me Dad.” Pair one of these with one that reflects a hobby or personal interest, such as “I do not snore. I dream I’m a motorcycle.”

2. Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes preserve mementos highlighting military service. Modern shadow boxes can be purchased ready-made or custom-designed. Traditionally given upon retirement, these keepsakes contain items like a flag, medals, ribbons, insignia, hat, photos or other items. Ranging from simple to elaborate, shadow boxes also are made to reflect a specific tour of duty or travels.

3. Commemorative Coins or Stamps

Authorized by Congress, official commemorative coins depicting the nation’s history are issued by the United States Mint. One has a coin homoring each of the five branches of the military. Commemorative stamps and coins can become keepsakes to include in a shadow box upon retirement.

4. Media

Collections of entire seasons of his favorite series keep Dad up-to-date on missed episodes. While movie, concert and sporting event tickets are great fun at home, digital and print media are compact enough to mail or send with as “open when” gifts. Easy to share and convenient when there is no internet or phone signal, DVD or digitally downloaded movies, music and video games offer Dad relaxing escapes. Armin Brott’s “The Military Father: a Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads” is a witty and wise print staple covering everything dads need to know to get or stay connected with the family while living the military lifestyle to its fullest.

5. Backpacks

Regulation military backpacks serve specific, multi-purposes, but active dads may enjoy a personal backpack for leisure activities like hiking or exploring fascinating places he travels. Proper fit is essential to prevent injury and enhance comfort. Choose a stylish, durable, water-resistant model with ample, built-in convenience and safety features that fit his frame.

Space and convenience are limited¬†commodities where military dads deploy. They cherish simple reminders of home like toiletries and snacks. Tuck some into your gift box to sweeten the presentation. Card games, comic books and candy are classic “just because” gift surprises military dads appreciate.

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