5 Problems With Trying to Spray Tan Yourself

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A great spray tan makes you glow in photos, it makes you feel more confident, and it’s significantly better for your health than getting into a tanning bed. Those who want to care for their skin and health prefer a spray tan to anything else, but many men and women make the mistake of attempting to spray tan themselves. It might save a bit of money, but it’s always beneficial to see a professional for your spray tan to avoid these major issues.

You Don’t Have the Correct Product

When you pick up your own spray tan products, you probably don’t get the right stuff. Unless you’re already a pro and can choose the right materials, products, and applications, you’ll end up with the wrong color and look worse than you did before your tan.

You Can’t Reach

The simple fact is you cannot reach your back, your shoulders, the backs of your arms, and many other places. How can you achieve a great spray tan when you cannot even reach the areas that need color? You could ask someone you know but if they’re not a professional, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You Don’t Know the Basics

The basics of applying a spray tan are taught to those licensed to do it, but they’re not exactly common knowledge to those who don’t. If you don’t know what basic materials and items you need, you’ll end up with a bad tan.

You Don’t Have Time

A great spray tan takes ample time. Those who tan at home rarely leave enough time to do this adequately, which causes even bigger problems. Do-it-yourself tans take approximately an hour to complete, and very few people are willing to take that kind of time to tan themselves.

It’s Low Quality

If you want to do your own spray tan, you must be willing to face a low-quality tan. Without the best equipment found at professional tanning salons, your tan is more likely to appear orange and fake than one applied by a professional.

If you’re set on providing yourself with your own tan, do it. There is no law stating you cannot tan yourself as often as you’d like, but it’s imperative you know what you’re getting into before you begin a spray tan on your own. These are the most common problems associated with a do-it-yourself spray tan, and many people aren’t willing to live with these issues. Do yourself a favor and seek professional spray tan application for the best possible results. It’s the safest way to ensure you get the best tan possible.

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