6 Pieces of Clothing You Need on Any Type of Trip

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When you are going somewhere on a trip, don’t pack a lot of clothing that will require a large suitcase. Today, airlines charge extra fees for heavy luggage, and to save money, you only need to pack six garments for a trip.

1: T-shirts

A T-shirt is one of the best garments to take along on a trip. If you choose a shirt that is a basic color such as black, navy blue or white, then you can wear it alone with slacks. Alternatively, you can layer a T-shirt underneath a heavy sweater to stay warm in cooler weather. A crew neck shirt with short sleeves is appropriate in almost every situation while you are traveling.

2: Slacks

Bring along a pair of basic slacks that are made of polyester or cotton fabric. If you choose a darker color of slacks, then you can wear this garment multiple times because the clothing won’t look dirty. Great colors of slacks to choose include dark gray, black or navy blue so that you can find tops that match or coordinate with the garments.

3: Suit Jacket

Find a suit jacket that matches your slacks so that you can create a dressier business outfit for meetings. A matching suit looks fantastic at other events such as going to a restaurant for dinner or visiting a museum. A suit jacket can also provide warmth on a cold day.

4: Undergarments

You must pack undergarments such as briefs and brassieres for a trip anywhere. If you chose lightweight fabrics, you can often wash an undergarment in a hotel’s sink so that it will dry the next day.

5: Coat

Anytime that you travel, it is possible that the weather will change quickly, requiring you to have another layer to stay warm. Bring along an all-weather coat that is easy to pack in a suitcase or carry over your arm. You can also find coats that have zip-out liners, and you can pack only the liner while wearing the coat on an airplane.

6: Sweater

Pack a heavy pullover or lightweight cardigan sweater so that you will have a garment to keep you warmer early in the morning or late in the evening. Select a sweater that looks appropriate in all situations, and make sure to choose one that looks nice with your other clothing.

What to Do While Packing Your Suitcase

Make sure to roll garments carefully while packing to keep the clothing compact. If you smooth the fabric while packing, then it won’t get wrinkled as easily. When a garment does get wrinkled while traveling, hang it in the bathroom while you are showering to steam away the ugly creases.

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