6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know about Spray Tans

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When you’re looking for a way to get a little color on the skin, then consider spray tans. You won’t be out in the sun, and they give you a way to keep a bronzed look throughout the year. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind before stepping into the spray booth for your tan so that you get the best color possible.

Before going to get a spray tan, you want to exfoliate the skin as much as possible. This will help to give an even tan instead of one that appears blotchy. Clean skin will also help the tanning spray to adhere better than if the skin has dead cells.

Shaving should be done about 12 hours before you get your spray tan. If you wait until right before you go, then you might find that there are a few irritations that develop because you have used a shaving product before using the spray tanning solution.

Most spray tans include some kind of alcoholic ingredient. You want to avoid sprays with alcohol as they can irritate the skin cells and leave the skin red in some spots. Alcohol thins the spray, but it can cause a crackling look to the color on the skin, and it can dry out the skin as well.

Ventilation is important to remember when you’re getting a spray tan. When you’re searching for a place that offers this service, you want to make sure that there is proper ventilation so that you’re not inhaling the fumes in the room where you’re getting sprayed. The fumes can give you a headache and make it overall difficult to stay in the room. Pay attention to the walls as well. You want to get a tan in a clean environment instead of one that has solution all over the walls and floor.

When you get in the pool after getting a spray tan, remember that the chlorine will tend to bleach the color. Since it’s not a natural tan and is a chemical that is used, the chlorine will take color out of the pigment just like it can take color out of hair and clothing.

You might think that a spray tan will last longer than a natural tan, but the opposite is true. Maintaining a spray tan will take work, and you might find that by the time you’ve got the color that you want, your skin will appear darker than it really should. The typical spray tan will last for about a week and a half depending on how soon your skin cells slough off.

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