A Pill For All Ills

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What if you could order your supplements just like you order your pizza, with all the toppings you like and none of the stuff that disagrees with you?

That is what new tech firm care/of are suggesting.

According to them, the days of just thoughtlessly reaching into the pharmacist or supermarket shelf for a bottle of generic vitamins and then popping the same pill as your wife, husband, sister or brother could be over.vitamins

Tech startup care/of are launching a new service that tailors a vitamin precisely for your own specific needs and then delivers it to your door.

If you have ever wondered what half the things in your vitamin pill are and whether you need them or not, this could be the answer.

The exact combination of vitamins, minerals and other supplements are not decided until you have completed a questionnaire on care/of’s website, which is put through an algorithm program to make suggestions about the types of supplements needed. These are then vetted by their actual human in house doctors.

The price will vary depending on the exact package that is put together for you, once all the health and lifestyle data has been thoroughly analyzed. The starting price is $5 a box and may be higher if you require more.

What sorts of things are in the box? Ingredients vary from supplements such as calcium, which may be found in many vitamin and mineral pills, to other, slightly more obscure elements such as rhodiola rosea, for energy and Austrian elderberry.


The co-founder of the company, Craig Elbert started the venture whilst out buying vitamins for both himself and his wife, who was at the time pregnant.

Although vitamins for pregnant women exist, he found himself reading the ingredients on the bottles and labels and wondering what they were for and what they did.

Like many people, he also did not know who to turn to for advice on the purchase in the store which he was shopping. Store clerks are not expert doctors or nutritionists and nor can they be expected to be, so the individualized and personalized approach that care/of take is a welcome breath of air.

At the moment, the number of ingredients that the company uses to make its unique blend of supplements with is thirty. This can number up to a lot of combinations, each tailored to every different need. However, soon the company hopes that they will be able to add more, aiming to eventually offer 125 separate ingredients.

If you would like to try and create your own blend of supplements, look no further than care/of’s website here. https://takecareof.com/products