About Us

We are four guys who got together in the San Francisco area and decided we wanted to share our love of technology, science and you know, just stuff with more people than just ourselves and our moms.

Tired of boring people at work about tech, we decided to band together and seek out like minds on the net and boy, we were not disappointed.

The response we have had to our initial edition of Blog Forward has been phenomenal! With likes on social media and people following us on twitter, we have suddenly realized that we are not alone and that there a many others out there who also share our passion for electronics and gadgets.

But more than just that, as we are also interested in the news stories and the details behind each invention. Right from the personal side of them, the humans behind them and the reasons that they came into being, but also the financial side of it and the business facts and figures that keep the whole thing ticking along.

Our backgrounds are a mixture of science and business. We have between us a business graduate who runs his own software company, an inventor and trained pharmacist, a head of marketing and an IT expert.

But we are the first to admit that maybe we need a little help in the content department and are eager to hear from you and all your suggestions for what we could do to improve our pages.

Because, we have not been going for very long and are still getting things up to speed.

Is there something that is happening in your neck of the woods that you would like to see featured? Have you got any feedback for us?

We love reading all your comments – yes, even the negative ones – because they help us to grow better every day.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy reading this as much as we do!