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We are throwing ourselves on the mercy of you, the informed citizen, to share your knowledge of business and technological innovations with the rest of the world.

As we are only a very small editorial team, we would love to hear from you specifically if you are an inventor, a start up business or a researcher in industry or technology.

If you could write for us as a guest columnist, this would be even better, but at the moment we are opening our floodgates and awaiting a shoal of submissions on all things tech and science related.

Ideally, we are looking for pieces that are between 400 and 600 words long, but don’t be scared of offering us more in depth pieces if the subject matter warrants it.

We are interested in all aspects of inventions, innovations, breakthroughs in medical science, pharmaceuticals and technology. We would also be keen to hear from you if you are an individual or a company that are patenting a new product or drug as well.

Then there are the tech heads. We can’t get enough of the latest developments in gadgets, phones, tablets, PCs, consoles and other gismos and our readers love to hear about them too.

Short, sharp and snappy pieces are particularly appreciated, especially accompanied by a short headline and some quality sub headings. Add a couple of decent images in there and that would be perfect.

But it’s not just writers we would like – it is also bloggers and vloggers. We would like to see as well as read, so if you think your invention is best demonstrated, a short video of your eureka moment would be great too. The emphasis is on short though, we are not making any feature films here!

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Good Luck!