4 Popular Exercises for Young Children to Build Muscle

Exercise is healthy at every age, and it is never to early to build muscle. Young children do need to be careful to stay within their body’s limits, but they can still benefit from the right type of strength training to build a strong foundation for later development.

Jungle Gyms

Spending some time on a jungle gym is one of the best options for most children. The climbing will help them to build strength, but they have the freedom to get off the structure and rest when they start to reach their limits. It is also a fun activity for them, so they will get exercise without complaining and will usually want to do it again in the future. They can even do it with their friends to help build social bonds at the same time that they build their muscles. It should be combined with other exercises to create a healthy balance and ensure good development, but nobody who wants to have a strong child should overlook the benefits of giving them access to a jungle gym.

The Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is a good option for children that prefer to work in a partnership rather than as part of a large group. It requires two people. One of them will get on the floor as though he was doing ready to do a push-up, while grabs that person’s ankles and raises them up to the level of his waist. The first child then walks on his hands while the other steers, and eventually they switch places. If there are several groups, try holding races to give them some extra motivation to excel.

Light Lifting

Basic lifting can work for relatively small children as long as they are careful about the amount of weight that they lift. In general, it’s best to keep the weights at just a few pounds or less, and to make sure that there is one weight in each hand. Most of the standard lifting techniques will work, but they should all be done under close supervision to make sure that they are performed with proper form and that no injuries will develop.


Plenty of children learn how to do a handstand when they are playing, so this is a particularly easy option for people who don’t want to spend time learning other techniques. The handstand will help the children develop their sense of balance at the same time that they build strength, which makes it an even more valuable option.

Kids that are just learning should start by using a wall as support to make sure that they do not fall and hurt themselves. Ones that have more experience can turn it into a competition with others to see who can stay up the longest!

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