4 Reasons Why Catheters Can Help Reduce Infections

Catheters are a necessary medical device for people who have issues maintaining continence and those that suffer from recurring bladder infections. Other health issues can cause people to use intermittent catheters, as medical professionals often call them. Some people require the use of a foley catheter or indwelling catheters, as described by the New York Times.

Catheters allow complete emptying of the bladder

People who have certain problems with their spine like spina bifida or damage to the lower part of the back, may not have use of their bladder. These individuals often have to empty their bladder with the utilization of an intermittent catheter that is used for a few moments to get rid of the urine every few hours. These people must use the catheter at night to relieve their bladder at least once. Most of these individuals get a regular supply of catheters from a medical supply company. Using a catheter once and throwing it away is one way that people with neurological issues prevent bladder infections.

Radiation therapy can cause bladder incontinence

People who have some forms of cancer need catheters to help them keep their bladder empty. Radiation often causes people to have bladder spasms that force urine out prematurely, according to UCLA. These patients benefit from catheter use because they are not constantly getting soaked with urine that can cause bacterial growth if they cannot clean themselves up properly or often enough.

Surgery causes problems and bladder infections are a necessary avoidance

Women who have gynecological surgery and men who undergo prostate surgery can swell up and need help relieving themselves. Without the aid of a catheter, the urine can sit in the bladder causing an infection, especially if they cannot get rid of all the urine. Use of an indwelling catheter is helpful in this situation, according to Medline Plus.

Intermittent catheters can prevent infections more often than a foley cath can

Often, a person who needs catheters can use a short, clean catheter every few hours to empty their bladder for whatever reason. They help people get rid of higher infection risk that is present with an indwelling catheter. Even foley catheters must be removed and reinserted every week or so to prevent infection too.

There are many reasons that people need catheters. They prevent infection by keeping the genitals clean, removing all of the urine in the bladder, helping empty the bladder at regular intervals, and ensuring that the person can urinate. Web MD says that catheters are often used for problems that cannot be solved with medicines or surgical procedures. For men, a condom catheter is often the most comfortable method of urinating.

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