4 Reasons Your Smart Phone Should be in a Case at All Times

An integral accessory within our daily lives, the smart phone serves several purposes. Many use smart phones to solely text, communicate verbally, or even check emails. Others use more of the advanced features like video recording, taking pictures, playing games and organizing daily lives by relying on the calendar. Since the smartphone serves many purposes, all individuals should purchase a case for their phone for a variety of reasons

Cases Protect Smart Phones From Falls

Let’s face it. It is almost inevitable that you will eventually drop a phone. If you are fortunate, you will drop it on soft carpet or a bed. If you are not so lucky, your phone will fall down a flight of stairs, eventually landing face down on a hardwood floor. If you have a case on your phone, it can possibly withstand a detrimental fall and still function. If you neglect to put a case, you are risking a cracked screen or even a malfunctioning phone. According to Wikipedia, cases have protected a record number of phones when they are accidentally dropped.

Cases Protect Smart Phones From Scratches

Even if you are one of the few fortunate enough to not drop your phone, you phone could still hit a hard surface, such as a table. It could brush against something in a purse or pocket, causing scratches to occur. If you want your phone to maintain the same look as when you first purchased it, buy a case to prevent scratches. Remember that after a few years, you can always resell your phone. A phone that does not have damage is worth more than one with scratches.

Cases Allow Your Phone to Look Unique
Since millions of people have the same model phones, why not purchase a case to make your phone look different from the rest. A cell phone case allows you to look stylish while holding your phone. Since there are a wide variety of different cases out there, you can find one to match your mood, outfit or personality.

Cases Serve a Purpose Aside From Protecting Phones

Cases have been redesigned to be more than just protection for the phones. Some cases can serve as a wallets and even small purses or clutches. According to CNN, many experts project that cell phone cases could replace the wallet in the immediate future. So, ditch that purse or wallet and purchase a cell phone case that serves a dual purpose.

If you plan to purchase an expensive smart phone, then you should always buy a durable case. Not only are cases stylish, versatile and affordable but they also can help protect a phone in the case of a fall or accidental scratches.

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