6 Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas

Summer wedding season is almost here. If your friend is getting married this summer and you plan to give her a fun farewell to single life, here are six new and unique ways to decorate for her bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties vary from the stereotypical Vegas weekend to the quiet and intimate settings of a winery or fine restaurant. Be sure to tailor the type of party you’ll be throwing to the bride’s likes and dislikes. Once you have the theme of your party set, you can start planning for the decorations.

1. Match Her Wedding Theme

Decorate the party area or hotel room in the bride’s wedding colors, plus gold or silver. Use plastic tablecloths as curtains to divide the rooms. Use large gold letter balloons to spell “Bride.”

2. Flowers

Instead of the glittery tiaras that make everyone think “bachelorette party,” create a floral theme. Decorate the party area with the bride’s favorite flowers. Make flower crowns for all the bridesmaids to wear when they go out together. Make cutout flowers from scrapbook paper and spell “Bride” or her name on the wall. If you’re in a hotel, make sure to use poster putty that won’t damage the walls.

3. Pool Party

Pool parties are a fantastic way to celebrate the bride’s last days of being single. They are a fun way to bring in a carefree feeling. Decorate the pool area with fun shaped floats, like donuts or cute animals. Have beach towels monogrammed with each bridesmaid’s name. When the party goes inside, keep up the tropical theme by decorating with a cool turquoise color.

4. Champagne

Decorate the room with gold and white. Tie balloons on champagne bottles and use these as favors for the bridesmaids. Behind the display table, hang a DIY banner made from gold and white ribbon. You may even be able to find a large inflatable balloon in the shape of a champagne bottle. Use champagne flutes as holders for small party favors.

5. Candy

Use the bride’s favorite candy as a theme for the party room. Fill champagne glasses with it and use coordinating colors to decorate the room. Make photo props with oversized photos of various kinds of candy, and make a photo frame for selfies. You can kick up the party atmosphere by making cocktails with candy themes, or by making vodka gummy bears.

6. Lingerie

For a more edgy party decoration, make inexpensive lingerie into a party banner. Sew or glue “Bride” on the banner. You can find ideas for lingerie-themed party games online. Put lace accents of various colors around the room, and give everyone nice lingerie as a party favor.

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