How to Determine the Quality of Your Marijuana

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With marijuana being legal in more places and under more conditions, people are flocking to dispensaries and sellers to consume the herb. As more people use marijuana, there are more people asking questions about things such as quality.

When it comes to marijuana, the levels of quality that you find are as different and diverse as the levels of quality that you find in human beings. Some are top notch, while others are rotten, gross and unappealing. There are a number of things that you can look for when determining the quality of marijuana.

Crystals Galore

The presence crystals, also known as trichomes, is a clear indication of how potent the marijuana is. If there are more crystals, you will get higher and the effects will be stronger. The crystals will appear as small, clear crystal structures.

Presence of Stems and Seeds

If you get marijuana, it should have a very, very minimum amount of stems. Stems hold the weed together. High quality weed should not have seeds. Seeds are indicative of the weed being of a lower quality. If you get weed with a lot of stems and seeds in it, it is not high quality.


Color can also be indicative of quality. Brown marijuana is usually indicative of low quality, though there are some brown-colored types out there that are not low quality. Marijuana is considered to be good quality if it is green, purple, has flecks of orange or is any mixture of these colors.


Sticky weed will be more potent than dry weed that just breaks up. However, the weed should neither be damp nor wet. Weed will burn too fast if it is too dry. If you touch and break apart the buds and you fingers are sticky, you have some good weed.

Good Smell

Sweet, savory and aromatic odors are indicative of good marijuana. Different types of weed have different types of aromas. Weed can smell fruity, citrus-like, flowery and like cookies. If your weed smells “bad,” like mold, grass or hay, then the weed is bad quality. Also, a very strong odor means high quality while a very dull odor, or no odor at all, means low quality.

Mold or Webs

If you see mold, then the weed is low quality. There should not be mold on weed. Also, if you see webbing, it may mean that there are spider mites on the weed.

These are the things that you should look for when determining the quality of weed. If it smells good, looks good, has little to no filler and looks fresh, then the weed is higher quality.

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