9 Accessories every Grill Master Needs for Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor barbecuing is more popular than ever. As new cooks take up the task of back-yard cooking, there are tools available that makes grilling easier and produces great results.

Here are nine accessories every grill master needs for great outdoor cooking:

1. Chimney Fire Starter

This tall metal cylinder has holes punched in the sides with a grate at the bottom for holding the charcoal. A lit newspaper is placed at the bottom and ignites the bottommost coals. As the hot air rises up, it pulls in fresh oxygen and all of the coals quickly become fiery red. Transfer the burning coals onto your bed of cooking charcoal and you’ll be in business much sooner than you can imagine.

2. Long Handled Tongs

A perfect tool for flipping steaks or chicken over blazing red coals. Look for ones made with two separate arms connected with a spring-loaded hinge.

3. Grill Brush

You need a clean cooking grate is to produce those good grill marks on meat. A clean grill also ensures that foods like fish and vegetables don’t stick. A dedicated grill brush to keep your cooking surface clean is a must for every griller.

4. Wide Spatula

A flexible slotted metal spatula wide enough to flip large steaks or delicate pieces of salmon is another tool essential to the backyard griller The spatula should be thin and flexible to make certain your gather all of the meat without letting any drop through to the fire.

5. Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Although expensive, it’s the most useful tool in any serious griller’s tool box. Using the thermometer is the only way to ensure that your meat comes out perfectly cooked every time.

6. Barbecue Mitts

A pair of insulated mitts can save you the pain and suffering of a serious burn. Since a griller is constantly working around flames and hot coals, this safety device is an essential tool for any back-yard cook.

7. Long Kitchen Shears

A good pair of kitchen shears of stainless steel construction is the perfect tool for cutting chicken and meats into the sized proportions you want to place on the grill.

8. Grill Press

This simple tool comes in handy when you’re cooking meat like bacon or thin cuts of meat. Placing the grill press on topsof these meat cuts while they cook prevents them from curling up.

9. Grill Basket

This stainless steel basket holds meat or vegetables over an open flame for grilling and keeps the contents from falling apart. The flexible wire holder is essential for grilling fish.

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