3 Ways to Make Your Christmas Lights Stand Out This Holiday Season

Once a year, the world turns a bit brighter and everyone gets a chance to participate by putting up Christmas lights. Use these tips to have your lights stand out and make your home the shining star of the neighborhood.

Create a Welcoming Entry

Light up your porch by hanging strands of lights over branches and draping them over the doorway. If you keep container plants on the steps, spruce them up with light strings. People often decorate their banisters with garlands and bows but forget that they lose their effect in the dark. If you wrap the garlands with lights, especially red ones, you’ll make them stand out more. For extra sparkle, use holographic bows so that they can reflect sunlight during the day and the light from the decorations at night.

Make Your Walkway Stand Out

Pathway lights make a great addition to your yard. Just make sure to stake the lights, even in climates without snow. This will require 4.5-inch stakes to hold decorations in place. Even if you get high snowfall amounts each year, you can still get this look as long as you use 15-inch stakes. Strings with bigger bulbs such as C7 or C9 will really make these decorations pop.

If you don’t want to bother with strings, you can use starlight stakes. These illuminated balls come with LED or incandescent lights and are available in assorted colors. Look for adjustable starlight stakes so that you can add visual interest by placing them at different heights. Adjustable stakes also come in handy for different snow amounts.

If you have hedges along your walkway, decorate them with net lights. If you don’t have vegetation around the path, place walkway trees along the pavement. You can get abstract ones like spiral trees or go more lifelike with staked Christmas trees. When illuminating the walkway, consider the lighting scheme of the rest of the home and strive for complementary lights.

Decorate Outdoor Trees

If you have evergreens in your yard, turn at least one of them into an outdoor Christmas tree. However, even regular trees that lost their leaves lend themselves to illumination. To make the lights stand out on any of the trees, you have three options:

  • Add hanging lights. These give the illusion of dancing sparkles as they sway in the wind.
  • Use light orbs to achieve the look of glowing ornaments. You can make your own with chicken wire and strands of lights.
  • Wrap a variety of colors together for a vibrant look.

When decorating trees, select LED lights so that you can attach more of them. Work your way up from the trunk to the branches. Not all of them need wrapped, but covering the majority of the limbs will make your lights really stand out.

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