4 Advantages of Insulating Your Crawlspace

If you are looking for a great home improvement project to complete that will add value and comfort to your home, consider insulating your crawlspace. The crawlspace is the area underneath the lower level of your floor, and it is appropriately named because it is typically only tall enough for an adult to crawl into. While short in height, the area is often filled with non-climate controlled area. This may be air that is exceptionally cool or warm, that is moist with humidity and that is filled with allergens. Because of this, insulation can be helpful in many ways. In fact, these are some of the many advantages associated with insulating your crawlspace.

Improve the Temperature of Your Floors
First, you can dramatically improve the temperature of your floors and even of your entire home when you insulate your crawlspace For example, in the winter months, your tile or hardwood floors may be chilly to the touch even when your heat is on full blast. Cold floors can make the entire home cooler. This is because the cool air from the crawlspace is penetrating through your floors and impacting the entire temperature in the home. Insulating the space will keep the crawlspace warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months.

Reduce Energy Costs
Because temperature transference does occur through the flooring in the lower level of your home, insulating your crawlspace can reduce energy costs. You may find yourself using the heater less frequently in the winter and the AC less frequently in the winter. When the right insulation is used, you will notice a dramatic reduction in energy costs throughout the year. As a side note, this can make your home more comfortable to live in as well as it helps you to maintain a steady indoor climate.

Decrease Allergens in the Home
Because outdoor air is penetrating the home through uninsulated crawlspaces, allergens can easily enter the space through these areas. Allergens can make your home’s occupants miserable with sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and more. They also can increase medical bills, time off of work or school and more. You can reduce the incidence of this by insulating your crawlspace.

Improve Moisture Resistance
There are different types of materials that you can use to insulate your crawlspace, and some are moisture resistant. Crawlspaces are notorious for being damp and even mildewy. You can reduce this in your home by using a moisture-resistant insulation material such as spray foam insulation.

Some do-it-yourself home enthusiasts are skilled enough to install insulation on their own in the crawlspace, and this is a great weekend project that can add many benefits to your home. You can also set up insulation installation service with a professional for easy results.

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