5 Great Ways to Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive When Moving

Moving is both exciting and exhausting, and moving during the holidays isn’t the most enjoyable. Packing everything you own when it’s time to bring out the Christmas tree can really make the holidays feel less like the holidays, and that’s a problem for many families. Even when you’re in the process of a big move, you can keep the Christmas spirit alive by taking advantage of these simple tips, and perhaps by adding a few of your own ideas as well.

Decorate as You Pack

You’re moving on January 2, and you want to have the house packed as soon as possible. Put things away you don’t use, but leave out the Christmas tree. You’re not taking it with you, and you can throw the tree décor into its appropriate box in 10 minutes when the holiday is over. You don’t have to go all out with decorations, but a tree can keep the spirit alive through the packing and moving process.

Put Up a Tree in the New House

If you’re moving into a new home in December, put aside the unpacking you must do and get a tree. Put it up first, and you’ll feel the Christmas spirit. It’ll make the rest of your unpacking seem more exciting when you have a tree in your new home.

Burn Christmas Candles

The holiday spirit has a distinct smell for every family. It’s the smell of fresh balsam from the tree, or the smell of cinnamon from grandma’s amazing baking. Perhaps the scent of peppermint in the house is what makes your family feel the Christmas spirit. Burn candles that remind you of the holiday spirit while you move. They’re easy to pack and unpack, and they don’t take up much space when you’re in such a busy season of life.

Visit Other Locations

If your holiday spirit isn’t alive at home, find it elsewhere. See if you can spend Christmas with your relatives so you can have a tree, good food, and all the fun that comes with the comfort of home and the holidays. If you’re not near family, visit a hotel with beautiful decorations. Sometimes the Christmas spirit comes alive when you do little more than visit someplace with beautiful décor.

Celebrate the Season

Moving is difficult no matter when you leave, but it’s especially difficult to do during the holidays. Celebrate the season during your move by attending local Christmas events, driving through neighborhoods with beautiful light displays, and by doing the same activities you would have done in your old home. You’ll be surprised how well this works to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Christmas is such a lovely season for so many. No one is moving on Christmas day, but you might spend the days leading up to the holiday moving. Now is the best time to decorate what you can, celebrate how you can, and make new memories with your loved ones.

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