5 New Workouts to Try

You’ve made a New Year’s resolution to become healthier in both mind and body, but you’re dreading the same old cardio routine day after day. You’re hungry for the results and committed to consistency, but you need a little pizzazz in your gym life. Here are five ways to mix up your fitness schedule that won’t have you bored to tears.

1. Hula Hooping

That’s right, grab your favorite hula hoop and head to a hula hooping class to burn around four hundred calories at a shot. This class uses different hoop-based exercises to target different parts of your core that are involved in virtually every movement you make throughout the day. Make some new friends in an upbeat, lively environment that will have you glistening in no time.

2. Bollywood Dance

Similar to Zumba, this Indian-inspired dance class combines aerobics and dance moves to keep you moving throughout the entire session. You don’t have to come with any prior experience in order to get the most out of the class. Rest assured that you’ll be smiling through most of it as you burn calories and tone muscles.

3. Boxing 

Endurance and strength come together in a boxing workout. You’ll undergo circuits of cardio, form, and practical training that come together to produce definite results, not only physically but mentally. Don’t be surprised if you walk out of a boxing class feeling like a total rock star. Confidence makes the athlete.

4. Bikram Yoga

This form of hot yoga continues to gain popularity throughout the new year. Be prepared with a towel; the temperature is turned up dramatically in the room as you move through a series of poses that require varying degrees of flexibility and strength. Get your zen on and sweat out last night’s taco fest all at the same time.

5. Aerial Fitness

Pilates, ballet, and high interval intensity training (HIIT) synthesize to create an exhilarating workout. Silk hammocks take you, literally, right off the ground. Core plays an enormous part in every single move, and the rest of your muscles will be sparked into action by the unfamiliar movements. A great way to get your smile and fitness on in the new year, aerial fitness offers a new perspective.

Regardless of your particular fitness goals for the new year, choosing a different style of workout diversifies your routine. Hoops, Bollywood, boxing bags, Bikram, and AIR classes all provide a chance to shine. Different muscles get a chance to flex, and your brain will be challenged. As they say, “diversity is the spice of life.”

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