3 Best Balance Transfer Cards to Get This Holiday Season

A balance transfer credit card provides you with an exceptional way to take control of your finances. These are credit cards that often have special offers on balance transfers, such as low or no transfer fees, low interest rates for a limited period of time and more. Because there are many option to choose from, you may be wondering which offers are the best for you. Each consumer has different features that would benefit him or her, so there is not a catch-all answer to this question. However, these are some of the best balance transfer offers to consider.

Chase Slate
When you are looking for the most affordable credit cards to use as balance transfer cards, the Chase Slate card may be a top contender. This is one of the few credit card offers available that has no balance transfer fee during an introductory time period as well as no interest charges for the first fifteen months. This no interest offer is available on both purchases and transfers. This unique combination is not typical for balance transfer credit cards, and this is why this may be one of the best options available for most to consider.

Citi Simplicity
The Citi Simplicity card is unique and beneficial in a different way. While this card does have a standard three percent balance transfer fee on all funds that you transfer into the account, it has zero percent interest on the account for 21 months. This is an ideal option to consider for those who need a little longer to pay off their balances in full or who have significantly high balances that will yield burdensome interest charges. In fact, this zero percent interest period is one of the longest in the industry, and you may be hard-pressed to find a better offer.

Discover It
The Discover It credit card may not be at the top of the list for longest no-interest period or for having the lowest fee on balance transfers, but it nonetheless is an all-around top contender. With this card, you will benefit from having 18 months with no interest on balance transfers and six months with no interest on purchases. It also comes with three percent balance transfer fee, but it provides you with double rewards during the first year and you can earn up to five percent cash back on select purchases.

As you can see, there are some truly fabulous balance transfer offers to consider. As you weigh the pros and cons of these and other top contenders, consider the benefits that would be most advantageous and cost-effective for you. By doing so, you can most easily decide which balance transfer credit card to move forward with.

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